Wednesday, January 13, 2010

28 Weeks

Wednesday, January 13
28 Weeks

At 28 weeks Grant:
--has added peas, pears and prunes to his diet
--is still having constipation/stomach pains
--is getting 1 oz apple juice a day to help with the above...and is doing better the past few days
--ate a pear through his new mesh feeder
--is a messy messy eater..he just moves around so much
--therefore, has to take a daily bath and change clothes after almost every feeding
--does raspberries, especially during feeding time
--has long enough hair to play with in teh bathtub (just a thicker row down the middle)
--went to childwatch at the Y for the first time...has gotten 3 great reports so far
--loves putting small toys into buckets and taking them out
--attended his brother's first basketball game
--has been CRANKY...either the constipation or possibly another tooth...he just hasn't been his normal happy self this week
--loves giving kisses..big wet slobbery open mouth ones!
--giggles and giggles watching his big brother
--is still waking through the night...but is doing a little better (knock on wood)
--has the most beautiful blue eyes I know this pic is whited out...but the look is just so Grant


mina said...

Love those eyes!