Wednesday, January 27, 2010

30 Weeks

Wednesday, January 27
30 Weeks

At 30 weeks, Grant:
--added blueberries & green beans to his diet and is NOT a fan of green beans AT ALL!
--ate oatmeal again and didn't break out---so YEAH for no allergy
--is lovin' his juice fix everyday
--POOPS all the time...seriously like 7-8 diapers a day! And usually...he looks a little like this during the "process"
--discovered for himself that he is indeed "a boy" ... thanks to all those diaper changes
--went to the circus...sat on my lap & watched every bit of it
--sat up in the shopping Kart for the first time on a trip to Meijer
--loves grabbing my hair
--still HATES his tummy...has NO desire to push up or spend any time rolling on the floor
--is experiencing some "baby boot camp" in an attempt to get him to get himself back to sleep at night...he wakes up several times a night. Usually he's on his tummy and he's mad!
--has a top tooth so close to busting through
--has no awareness of stranger danger...will go to anybody as long as they hold him
--is our little cuddle monkey!


Anonymous said...

I'm telling you that if little Grant gets any cuter I can't take it.. He is so adorable and such a great personality.. I've really missed your updates so glad to see you brought us up to date today... Also, so sorry you didn't win the trip to Disney.. Alll is can say is that you should have with all that you do with little Kate's cart.. Judy Mundt