Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Slacking Again

And here it is another Wednesday and no more posts! Really...I just don't feel like there is anything exciting to say.

--Andy had 2 snow days off last week (we still don't know why) and Seth had was fun to have some family time together
--We all went to the circus and had a great time
--Grandma & Ted came to Seth's b-ball game. Seth went back to Portland for the night
--I got to spend some time scrapbooking...slowly getting Grant's book up-to-date
--Watched the Colts make it to the Superbowl
--Worked out several times at the Y! Andy & I are actually getting into a routine I think!

The biggest news around our house was the anticipation of an email saying we won a trip to Disney. We found out that Disney was having a contest for families who volunteer together and inspire others to volunteer. We got pretty excited and wrote our essay telling all about how our whole family volunteers with Kate's Kart and have inspired other families to volunteer with Kate's Kart and the growth of the charity. I actually thought that maybe we would have a decent shot at winning one of the 3 free 5 day trips.

Well...we didn't...(after checking our email about 1,000 times on Monday) I'll be honest...I'm a little disappointed. This was one of the only contests that I actually felt like we had a shot at winning. But...I guess it's all good. Although it was mostly free, there would have been some expense for food, not to mention the taxes we would have to had to pay for the gift. Plus...we were just there 18 months ago...and Grant is awfully little...(look at me justifying it).

So...somewhere there are 3 happy families going to Disney! I'm just telling myself Disney didn't want to look like they were "endorsing" our charity. It's my own fault (my pride got the best of me)...and I'll get over it...although for now...I'll just be disappointed and dream a little dream about winning a nice little warm getaway in February.


Laura said...

I'm still holding out hope that you'll win the Disney contest. I checked the website and it says to check back to see who won. There are no winners posted yet, so maybe they just need time to read all 8,000 entries they got, then confirm them (there has to be a confirmation of some sort that these people really did what they said...right?). So I'm being optomistic and keepint my fingers crossed for you.