Thursday, January 14, 2010

So Much To Do...So Little To Say

Well...I've obviously been in another blogging slump this new year. If it weren't for Grant's weekly updates (which I hope to do for a year) who knows what I would have posted. It's not that we haven't been busy...we have. But for the sake of our own record keeping...I'll post a little of what's happened the past few weeks in the lives of the rest of us.

--Seth had his first Upward Basketball Game last weekend. They had 2 practices way before Christmas...and I was worried since they hadn't practiced due to a cancellation...but they did AWESOME. I was really impressed with the group of kindergartners. It should be an exciting 8 weeks...except that we have the early game at 8 most weeks!

--We rejoined the Y. Andy and I are feeling our age and know we still have a TON of wagon pulling, horsey rides and football games to play in the backyard. Grant is now old enough to go into the child-care area, so we felt it was important to get active. And...I have a goal of losing 40lbs for my 40th b-day in July. So...I am going most mornings after Seth goes to school. Plus...we can get back to our Friday night swimming at the Y and pizza night routine!

--Kate's Kart is continuing to go well...we had a very blessed December and received a ton of book and $$ donations. We are in the works of adding our 11th hospital and have applied for several grants.

--Andy is back at work...feeling the stress of the governor's announcement that funds will be significantly decreased for the schools. Their small system is trying everything to avoid cuts, but Andy says that may happen.

--Seth is fascinated with the Wii...he LOVES playing it and is actually pretty good at it...he beats me all the time. Anyone have any fun games their family plays that they recommend?

So...not much...which I guess is good. We're just living life...enjoying each other and watching our kids grow up way too fast!


Melissa said...

Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you, especially this week. I'm sure it's a difficult week for you all. Know that I still check in daily and pray that God continues to mend your hearts a little each day. Kate is missed greatly by all those who had their lives touched by her!

Tina:0) said...

Goodness, those boys are growing up way too fast! Sounds like you're having a lot of fun family time!

Isn't the Wii fun?! Our girls love it:0) Gabby & Vaeh both like to fish on Wii Play, & Gabby is quite the bowler. Have you tried Super Mario Bros.? I'll bet Seth would be a whiz at that one!

Praying for you all this week!

Laura said...

Hey, we joined the Y this week too. I also have a goal before my 40th in June! Maybe we could work out together sometime?

jamie smeltzer said...

Regarding the Wii. If you have other friends over or just the three of you (assuming Grant is not playing yet!) make up a tourneyment for the Wii sports. My Katy and Tayler do this a lot even with the two of them. They list out all the sports games and play three each for a winner.
We love our Wii. The kids got rockband for Christmas. Pretty fun!

Anonymous said...

We have a Wii and we all love it.. it is great family fun on Friday nights for us adults.. no small children around.. we love Mario Cart, Winter sports that has snowboarding, waterskiing on it, of course the bowling and I guess I could go on and on.. it is a wonderful pastime for Norm and I both as he can't do much anymore due to his Parkinsons... That little Grant is just a dolly and I look forward to reading your blogs everyday but you've missed a few lately.L0L