Tuesday, January 19, 2010

That week...

It's been that week...the 2 year mark of the loss of our little girl. Last Friday marked 2 years since we kissed her goodbye...today marked 2 years since her memorial service. Really...2 years? In some ways...it's been forever! A lot has happened in those 2 years...a lot of things where we wish she was with us. But in some ways...it just seems like yesterday. There are those certain memories that just aren't fading. For me...it's those last few minutes with her. I can vividly remember everything everybody was doing...the things that were said. In fact...the nights I can't sleep..it's usually that memory that won't fade! In some ways...it's a good memory, there was lots of love and peace. But still...it's a HARD HARD memory to re-live over and over. On those nights...I have to force myself to think of other things. For Andy...it's that memory of the last walk down the hallway, the night before!

So...we cling to those memories, as for now, it's all we have...the good and the bad. We are so thankful for the legacy that has been built through Kate's Kart. Everyday we are AMAZED at how many people "know" our little Kate...to us, that means a bunch.
It has only been two years and we're still figuring out what to "do" on the 15th! This year...Andy took and 1/2 day and we all went out to lunch (and of course we had some ice cream). Then...we dropped off the boys with my parents and Andy & I did a running of Kate's Kart at the hospital. Then...just a quiet night at home...We did continue our "tradition" of sending balloons to Kate in heaven. I asked Seth what he wanted to write on the note to Kate...his reply: "Have a good time!"

I was looking back at last year's photo...Seth was wearing the same pants. I'm not sure what his fixation with orange/red and are...just know I don't dress him like that!
We appreciate the love and support we received this past week...it still means a bunch to be loved on by so many! Thank you!


Tina:0) said...

I cannot begin to imagine the gammet of emotions you all go through this time each year. I'm glad you have some good memories to hold onto... that & knowing you'll see her again! I'm sure she's taking Seth's advice & "having fun!"

Love & Heart Hugs from Ohio!

The Portas said...

Thank you for sharing yourself! It's amazing to me that two years have passed since Kate's passing. I cannot fathom the feelings you all feel constantly. I absolutely love the balloon idea. I am positive that she is catching them in heaven (and taking Seth's advice, for sure). :)


Kelly said...

It's been a long time since I have commented but I just wanted to let you know that I remember reading all of your posts 'that week' and hoping and praying and then crying. Kate certainly touched my life and I still think about her. Thank you again for sharing her with us all.
Kelly (Jack's mom - ToF, PA)