Sunday, January 31, 2010

Toothless Wonder finally happened today...that tooth hung on for a lot longer than I thought it would! Today, while playing fell out and the look on Seth's face was priceless. He looks so grown up's hard to believe he's not my little boy anymore.

I just finished playing tooth fairy...we settled on $5 for the first tooth (the rest will be much cheaper) I was so nervous he would wake up...but he was out! What a fun milestone for all of us.

And...since we're talking teeth...Grant's first tooth on the top popped through today.


Melissa said...

My baby lost another tooth today too, except he's 10! :) Tooth fairy playing gets more difficult as the older they get cause they stay awake longer than you do!

Kelly said...

$5! WOW! I wanna come to your house!

Glad to see everyone is doing well. Seth is getting so big and Grant is adorable!