Wednesday, January 20, 2010

29 Weeks

Wednesday, January 20
29 Weeks

At 29 weeks Grant:

had his 6 month photo shoot--HOW CUTE IS HE!

--added oatmeal, applesauce & peaches to his diet
--broke out in a strange 12 hour rash after the oatmeal---needless to say we haven't tried the oats again (not sure if that was it...but we'll see this week when we try again)
--is trying to get the hang of a sippy cup--hasn't learned out to get anything out yet...just plays with it

--LOVES to have his hair brushed
--gets the cutest little rosy cheeks every once in a while
--continues to make new sounds every day
--can now pretty much roll where ever he wants to go
--LOVES LOVES LOVES giving wet kisses...will give them me every time I pick him up (awww!) --Is not sleeping well at night at all! He wakes up 3-6 times a night...crying! Usually, a trip in there, replacing the paci, and turning on his singing birds...and he's good to go! But still...mommy & daddy aren't getting any sleep!
--is going through baby boot camp to teach him how to get himself back to sleep! Over an hour of screaming and kicking...yes...the the little stinker just kicked his legs up & down. I think he may have a temper
--Speaking of tempers...starts screaming when he drops (or is out of reach) something he wants
(here he is happily playing with his favorite bath toy-a whistle)

(here he is 3 seconds later after dropping said favorite toy)


The Portas said...

Oh Krista, he could not be any cuter!!! That perfect little face is absolutely adorable. I love that you caught the screaming post-dropped toy face on camera. :) And the sleeping will get better! Most likely it's just a phase and soon he will be a champ sleeper. xo

mina said...

Too cute!!!!

Kathy said...

oh my gosh!
What's up with that NO sleeping??
I wish that someone would invent paci's that you can velcro to their faces! LOVELY thoughts!
Isaac still wakes me up to uncover him and find his paci.
I hope he doesn't have allergies.
and that sippy cup..looks like it's headed straight for the ears!
tempers must be in the air...I bet my baby is louder than your baby!

I hope you have a great week Krista...
tell those boys to behave!