Wednesday, February 3, 2010

31 Weeks

Wednesday, February 3
31 Weeks (7 Months +2 days)

At 31 weeks Grant...
--got his 3rd tooth...the top right one popped through
--shakes his head "no"...not for any reason....just because he can
--can take his hat off when not fastened around his neck...he's not a fan of his warm snuggly doggy hat
--is still waking up through out the night...still cries for extended periods of time...mommy is not always consistent with baby boot camp
--can stand on his own (against a table/toy)...for a significant amount of time
--still has no interest in tummy time or pushing up while on his tummy
--sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time
--has been sniffling this week
--is loved on wherever he goes...everyone loves church, the Y, MOPS
--is mommy's little helper...went with her for 3 Kate's Kart presentations this week
--went swimming at the Y for the first time...loved the water...he kicked and kicked and kicked!
--is the cutest thing when sleeping...found him like this during a nap one day. I love the hand behind the head and one through the blankie

--LOVES LOVES LOVES being held