Wednesday, February 10, 2010

32 Weeks

Wednesday, February 10
32 Weeks At 32 weeks Grant...
--has the most beautiful blue eyes
--moved out of his infant car carrier (BOO HOO!) and into a rear facing baby seat! (I forgot to get a picture) I can't believe his infant carrier is in the attic! He was too long and too HEAVY to haul that thing around! Plus, being the social guy he is...he wants to be up and see what's going on where ever we go!
--easily puts away 3 jars of food at both lunch and dinner...and 1 jar and a big bowl of cereal for breakfast....PIGGY!
--nurses 3 times a day
--poops at least 5 times a day (really, is this normal)
--ate a real banana (mushed up of course)
--pretty much has tried all the jarred foods
--loves it when his brother feeds him

--still wakes up several times throughout the night...I have NO idea why!
--is taking better naps in the afternoon--sometimes 2-3 hours long
--has a really thick strip of dark hair going right down the middle of his head
--is really thinking about playing "so big" can see the wheels turning when I ask him how big he is
--has started this very cute raspberry noise...does it constantly
--has discovered how to grind his 3 teeth
--has discovered kitty...and tries to "play" with her