Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And yet another week

And yet another week has flown by...really...are we on the last week of February? I guess we get so busy in doing just the "normal" stuff...there just doesn't seem like a lot to "blog" about. The top 3 of the week:
1. Andy's knee...last Wednesday he came home and could barely walk on it...he went to Redimed and that doc said he needed to see an ortho doc. Well...he went and luckily he just has some torn cartilage (as opposed to a tear that would have needed surgery, which is what the Redimed doc was leaning toward). He got some anti-swelling meds and is doing much better after a rough couple days.
2. Sunday was Upward Night at the Mad Ants Basketball Game. Seth was really into it...and of course, Grant was superbaby and just sat and watched it all (although he did cry whenever the crowd yelled really really loud). Since it was Upward Night, all the players got to go down on the courtside for the halftime show which was Benny the Bull from the Chicago Bulls along w/ some acrobatic was a neat perspective to see it from eye level!

3. Tuesday night was Dad's Night at Seth's preschool...the theme this year was Western Night...don't my boys look so cute! They had lots of fun playing games and eating trailmix around the fire while singing songs!Add in some house cleaning (including moving the stove...YUCK!), some Olympic watching, Andy working late hours, some Kate's Kart presentations, haircuts and having a somewhat regular exercise routine at the's been a full week.

P.S...I did run a mile for the first time today...usually I do the elliptical machine...but have started running a little and I was so proud of myself today. I really don't think I have ever run a mile...not even in 5th grade gym glass. I am actually enjoying my workouts and look forward to my time at the gym! I've got a whole lot more years of keeping up w/ 2 little feels good to be getting back (not that I ever was) in shape!


Kathy said...

you guys are always on the go!

I can't run to save my life...I walk my mile (when the spirit strikes me to get on the treadmill!)

Chasing after those boys is enough exercise!

Has all the snow melted there yet??

Jill said...

Congratulations on running that mile! The first time I ever did that got me hooked. And now I'm inspired to start again, as winter is winding down.
Yay for you!