Monday, February 8, 2010

Books Books Books

It's been one of those weeks of those weeks when there are books all over our house and we're making multiple trips to the storage unit. Everyday I am still amazed...amazed at what is happening with Kate's Kart. Last week I picked up several tubs of books from a (new) friend who is a book salesman and had a book/fund drive all last fall. We were blessed with a load of really cool interactive books...they won't last long at all! I also picked up several hundred books from a preschool that collected for us during January... and today...I had a few minutes to I picked up 145 board books at TJ Maxx...nothing like filling 2 shopping carts with books...the looks I get!

And oh yeah...remember those 1000 board books I ordered...they showed up a week ago...I was a little freaked out when this pulled up to our house.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought we would be receiving shipments of's absolutely INSANE (in a good way!) But....since we are passing out over 1000 books a month...they go fast!

I really don't know how to put it in words the feelings I see Kate's Kart signs on school display google "Kate's Kart" only to find it on people's hear about a school PTO doing a fundraiser at an out of town movie hear that an out-of-town newspaper is running a story about the kart in their town!

It's a good thing...and what's even better is that we are getting repeat donations. Schools, people, organizations....who donated last year are donating again! Kate's Kart is here to stay... It's awesome...awesome...awesome. I won't's a lot of work...but it's awesome!

Yesterday it was my turn to work a hospital...I really wanted to get in my comfy clothes and watch some tv...but I went and as always...was blessed by the reaction of the kids and parents. The hospital was packed...2 in every room...and there were many families who needed a little smile...a little diversion...and they got it...all in the form of a book. It was 2 hours well spent!

Who would have ever thought...and oh yeah...we'll have more books tomorrow as I have to pick up boxes another school collected...I am humbled!


Kelly said...

This makes my heart smile Krista.