Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's Only a Game

We've been having some teaching moments with Seth lately...teaching him that it's okay to lose! He's become quite competitive lately...at sports, games... He keeps track of EVERYTHING and knows who is winning! And...when he doesn't "win" there is quite a bit of....let's just say...DRAMA! (My mom says it's from me...and that I was that way when I was younger! Me...never!)

Anyway...we've really had to work with him to avoid the tears when he loses...he is such an emotional guy...the tears flow often, especially when he's made a mistake...or is sad...or loses...or is tired...gets beat in a game...etc, etc, etc!

Well...he's been into football this year...watching the Colts with daddy on Sundays. He often wants to go on NFL.com to track the records of each team. He could tell you the team with the best record and the one with the worst.

Last night...after the ill fated fumble that resulted in the touchdown securing the Saints lead...the tears immediately began flowing! I told him it's okay...he continued to cry, whereupon I said: "do you just want to go to bed?" (We were bad parents and told him he could stay up & watch it) He immediately ran upstairs, jumped into bed and SOBBED! I mean...can't catch your breath sobbing! Poor guy...I feel for him (I know what it's like to be emotional)...but wow!

Well...he didn't' ask this morning....I guess it's more or less, "I don't want to talk about it". Later today....he did say it was "okay and now the Saints got to win a Superbowl!"

Ah...the joys of parenting...and here I thought the emotions were only with the girls!


Anonymous said...

Sorry dear, but it did come from you!

Melissa said...

Gary had a similar reaction! LOL My mom says I gave that trait to Joshua too. Say it ain't so!!

Kristen said...

My son is going through the same stuff, he just turned 6. He can't stand when he loses while playing his DS, gets very emotional! Good luck!