Sunday, February 14, 2010

What a Weekend...

What a fun weekend...packed full of family, fun & festivities!

Friday night we went to our Sunday School class 80's party. We are relatively new to the class...but had a great time getting to know some of them and reminiscing about those good ole' days of the 80's. I had NO idea what to wear...the best I could do was pull out my album editor sweatshirt from my 88 senior yearbook, peg leg my jeans and get my hair the biggest I could (I was out of Aquanet). We played the 80's version of Scene It...Andy knew just about every answer...It was a lot of fun. Nana & Oompa came over and watched the boys...and even put them to bed! It was the first night I hadn't put Grant down since he was born....He did just fine and slept great all night!
Saturday morning we were up bright and early and at Seth's Upward Basketball game and then off to the Y for a workout. Grandma came early afternoon and stayed w/ the boys so that Andy & I could go on a "date" for his b-day/Valentine's Day. We ate some yummy stirfry at Flattop and then went to see Leap Year at the bargain theatre. Then a little furniture we are hoping to redo our family room after our tax rebate. Currently our furniture is a green plaid which I love...but now, all the furniture is boring plain brown...well at least the furniture that you don't have to special order! I guess that means my style is "out of style." We were hoping to not have to repaint...but we're not having much luck finding furniture to match...UGGGH!
Sunday...Grandma spent the night on Sat. and we all went to church. Ted came early afternoon after his grandson's b-ball game and we all went out to eat for Andy's b-day (his b-day was more like a festival) and had some cake. The rest of the day was full of a little Monopoly...a little Olympic watching...baths and just some fun family time. Now back at it for another week! Glad we had such a great weekend to get rejuvenated!


The Portas said...

What a wonderful weekend! I love the photos. The 80s pic is great :) and your three boys are so handsome!