Wednesday, March 24, 2010

38 Weeks

Wednesday, March 24
38 Weeks
(this is the best I could get in the 45 minutes he was feeling okay today)

At 38 weeks, Grant

--is battling his first major sickness...including a "makes him gag" cough, fever, runny nose. Poor can tell he just feels terrible
--had his first non-well visit w/ the that point it was just a cold...hoping it doesn't turn into anything else
--weighed in at 20lb 2oz at the doctor
--took his first medicine (fever & cough) (besides gas drops in the first few months)
--loves to snuggle, snuggle, snuggle when not feeling well
--still has an appetite during his sickness
--joined the family in Friday night Pizza Night
--LOVES bread
--ate his first restaurant food--he was lovin' on Bob Evans rolls, carrots, mashed potatoes & pancakes!
--is eating table food at each meal...but still tops it off w/ a couple jars of baby food
--nurses 3 x a day
--rolls around and flips himself around when it comes time for a diaper change
--is SO close to crawling...he wants to so badly!
--went on a picnic at the park w/ his brother's preschool class