Saturday, March 27, 2010

Change of Plans...

A trip to the peds doctor Friday afternoon confirmed that our little Grant had bronchiolitis. He had been coughing, running a fever for 3 days, not eating well and was pretty lethargic...not his normal happy little self. But...we have given him 5 breathing treatments and the little guy is making a very quick turn-around. Tonight...he was playing and smiling.'s great to have our little happy guy back.

But...we did cancel our family Easter plans for today. We were celebrating early w/ my family since everyone (but us) is headed to the warm south for spring break.
In an attempt to make it up to Seth (he just LOVES it whenever he can get together with his cousins) we jumped on the opportunity to go the 1st annual Walgreens Easter Egg Hunt! Yep...Walgreens! It was cute...there were 5 baskets scattered through the store...he had to find them and take an egg. Then...he took his basket (aka a Walgreens plastic bag) to a table and exchanged it for a bag of prizes! After guessing how many jelly beans were in a jar and getting his picture taken....we had pretty much exhausted the events. But...Seth thought is was fun (who doesn't love getting free candy) and it was his favorite part of the day! How awesome to have such easily entertained kids!
Finding eggs amidst the shaving needsGuessing the jellybeans in the jarThe loot...not bad, actually!

Fortunately, Grant is doing well enough that we can head to Grandma & Ted's tomorrow for Easter...since they too are going out of town for Easter!