Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter...Take 1

We headed down to Grandma & Ted's Sunday after church to celebrate Easter. We all dined on some yummy traditional Easter food, including Grandma's famous bunny cake! After lunch...Seth went on a hunt for all the eggs and the baskets...he was having a lot of fun finding eggs & clues all over their house! What a surprise to find 2 baskets full of goodies at the end of the hunt!
Seth loved his basket...including his new USA puzzle, treats, summer clothes and games.
Grant too, was excited about his 1st Easter Basket....some yummy puffs, toys and some adorable summer clothes.
Grandma sure does know how to spoil her 2 little boys! We stayed the afternoon...took a few naps...played games...watched some basketball and enjoyed some family time together.
Grant is still on breating treatments...but has made a huge turn-around and has his spunk back!


Cupcake Mama said...

What a cute picture of the little brother (well, big brother too)! What a cake as well....I make the much simpler round cake cut in two and put together to make the bunny body and then create the ears with paper.