Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Intriguing Minds Want to Know....

"What's the longest road in the world?"
"Where's the smallest town?"
"What color is there the most of in the world?"
"What color is there the 2nd most of?"
"Can you be allergic to shirts?"
"How many trees are there in the world?"
"How many kinds of cats are there?"
"Where's the smallest house? Where's the biggest house"?
"Where does Ft. Wayne stop?"
"How many games are there in the world?"
"What CD has the most songs on it?"
"How many books are there?"
"What's the most popular book?"

So...if you have the answer to any of the above and can help me out...I think my 5 year old son would appreciate a real answer as opposed to: "I have no idea Seth" or "We'll have to look that one up on the computer" Except.. I did answer the Bible for the last one. I love that he is always thinking..but really, the questions he comes up with astound me. As you can see... most of them are centered around biggest/most...everything is a competition! The thing is...he gets so frustrated with me when I don't know the answers...he says: "Just tell me" ( I guess I should cherish these moments when he thinks I do know everything) I have a feeling...he's got one of those "thinking" brains...nothing is going to get past him! Let's start praying now he uses it all for good!


Anonymous said...

I thought I answered most of these questions in the car with him a few months ago on the way out to Doug's!

Tina:0) said...

Yes, cherish those moments when he still thinks you know it all... before long HE will know everything! LoL!

My how Grant is growing! It happens way too fast though. Hope he's feeling better soon!

Shannon said...

Jaden is the same way but with music... "Mom, what's this song?" If I don't know, she gets so mad! Gotta love simple minds :o)