Thursday, April 1, 2010

39 Weeks

Wednesday, March 31
39 Weeks (1 day short of 9 months)

At 39 Weeks Grant...

--went back to the doctor and had bronchiolitis. Luckily, we could treat him at home w/ breathing treatments 4x day. He was in pretty bad shape Friday...but by Saturday night had rebounded.
--went to Grandma & Ted's and got his first Easter basket
--is back to eating normally....loves Nutrigrain bars!
--is starting to grasp how to drink from a sippy cup...he has figured out how to get the drink if you hold the cup...but won't hold the cup himself
--played in grass in the sunshine for the 1st time..didn't seem to mind the grass....he would touch and explore it with his fingers and toes!--is so close to crawling...can get into the position...but doesn't know how to move forward. He's pretty much mobile...he will get where he wants...but it just takes a lot of scooting and maneuvering.

--has his 4th tooth on top just starting to poke through


The Portas said...

I swear, Krista, that boy just keeps getting cuter every single week. I could just nibble him up!!