Wednesday, April 7, 2010

40 Weeks

Wednesday, April 7
40 Weeks
At 40 weeks Grant:
--went back to the doctor again...this time the diagnosis: a viral rash! Time will heal...probably a result of the 101 fever he spiked on Easter Sunday...but he is now currently sporting little red bumps all over his arms/legs
--celebrated his first Easter...loved playing w/ eggs and all the fun stuff in his basket
--got quite the compliments on Easter Sunday for his matching outfits from Grandma
--helped dye his first Easter Eggs...wanted to eat them
--ate ice cream for the first time...a banana shake from Dairy Queen on Good Friday YUM YUM!
--ate Easter a huge fan of ham
--went swinging in the backyard for the first time....LOVED IT!
--has been GRUMPY GRANT all week. We're not sure what is going on....teething/virus/blahs...but he wants to be held all the time. It very small periods of time when he is actually "happy".
--went to Angola to help the family start Kate's Kart #11
--LOVES Casa pasta (who doesn't)
--is trying hard still to crawl....he is still so close....I really think it will be anyday.
--is beginning to pull up on things...the toy chest/couches

--even though he's been super grumpy...makes mommy's heart melt everytime she picks him up, he instantly stops crying and cuddles on my shoulder!


The Saunders Family said...

love his huge smile in those pictures...poor guy has had his share of yuck already! I had a viral rash back when I was pregnant, and the doc. was actually worried it was scarlet fever at first, thank goodness it wasn't!
Hope your little guy gets to feeling better soon!