Wednesday, April 21, 2010

42 Weeks

Wednesday, April 21
42 Weeks
At 42 weeks, Grant:

--had his first haircut...he wasn't too took 2 to wrangle and distract him! He just got around his ears trimmed...and a little off the top!
--had his crib lowered...he seems SO far away with his mattress at the bottom
--STILL won't crawl...gets into position...flops down and rolls.
--can easily get from laying to sitting position...but ends up in this position...which he can't always get his legs turned around. Is usually sitting up in his crib now in the mornings...and sometimes throughout the night!
--is SUPER eater....loves loves loves his food! His new favorites: a whole banana, Burger King cheeseburger and crackers in the grocery store
--can now effectively drink out of a sippy cup
--is so affectionate...he always has been...but gives kisses all the time
--rode on a carousel for the first time
--had his 9 month photo shoot...complete with messy hair
--celebrated Grandma's birthday in Portland...loved the ice cream (mommy is making him wait until his 1st b-day before he gets cake)
--giggles and giggles when you play "peek-a-boo"
--is super ticklish under the arms
--raises both hands now when asked: "how big is Grant?"


The Portas said...

He just continues to be more and more adorable. I absolutely love your weekly Grant updates!! Keep them coming!