Wednesday, April 28, 2010

43 Weeks

Wednesday, April 28
43 Weeks
At 43 Weeks Grant:

--is crawling! I don't know whether to be happy or sad. It means he's growing....which means he's growing up! It means he's mobile...which means I have to be more mobile chasing after him. Overall it's a great thing and he is so stickin' cute to watch...I love it!

--is giggling when watching Seth (and his friends) do something funny
--went to the zoo...loved the goats. He was very alert and watching all that was going on
--does raspberries
--spent most of the weekend with daddy while mommy worked her church resale
--is still a TERRIBLE sleeper. There is no consistency at all. One night he'll sleep all night...the next he'll be up once...the next 4 times. Some nights all he needs is a paci....other nights after hours he will only be consoled by rocking and cuddling.
--has had a week of boo boos...bruises and cut lips...the joys (and pains) of becoming mobile
--much prefers his brother's monster trucks over his whole bin of age appropriate toys...we might as well sell them all as he much prefers trash cans, electrical outlets and cords and anything that is his brothers. Why is that?
the toy chest...all alone
--loves knocking down towers
--is my little cuddle bug


Anonymous said...

HI Krista, So great to hear that
Grant is crawling. I bet he think that it so nice since now he can get into everything! Give him a kiss for me. Love, Judy Davis