Sunday, April 4, 2010


We had a wonderful Easter as a family. Normally, we celebrate w/ my family and Andy's...but everyone else decided to head out of town. We missed our families...but felt blessed to celebrate with just the 4 of us.

Seth hunted for the Easter baskets this morning...and the dyed eggs that were hid in the house. The boys had a few minutes to check out their loot...before heading out to church.

Grant got: shoes, bibs, a T-shirt, sippy cups & some puffed snacks! It's a good thing he doesn't know any better.
Seth was estastic with his basket filled w/ baseball bases, a new bat, a baseball, a monster truck, jumprope and of course some PB eggs & a chocolate bunny!

We all went to church and were blessed with an amazing service with some awesome music. It was a wonderful celebration of our risen Lord.

Home for some quick pics...gotta love them in their matching outfits...and then we all ate a traditional ham lunch. (Funny, cooking for 4 makes the same amount of dishes as cooking for 12!)

After lunch...more egg hunting outside...this time w/ eggs filled with money & jellybeans or puffs!

We soon realized Grant was feeling warm...and wouldn't you know the little guy had a fever. He's battled it almost all day...and I am almost sure it's teething. He wants to chew and bite on everything.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing...taking bike rides...cuddling w/ fussy babies...Wii...playing baseball...cudding w/ fussy babies...and even a little bit of prep work so that we...I mean, Andy...can start painting tomorrow.

It was a blessed Easter...with just my boys!


Shannon said...

Good thing he doesn't know any better? I'd say Grant made out pretty well!! Happy Easter :o)

Anonymous said...

What cuties! Be glad to see them both again soon.

Kathy said...

Happy Easter!!! The boys look like they had a blast!
where is all the snow?? We don't have snow here...but, it's on the mountains all around us..
hope the fever is teething...too many bugs are floating around!

Hugs those guys tight for me,