Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kart #11's still unbelievable to me...really kart #11 w/ #12 not far behind? In all honesty, this was only going to be a way for us to use Kate's Memorial money...and now....WOW!

This Kart was bought by the students/PTO/staff at Ryan Park Elementary in Angola. The Kart is now running the halls of Cameron Community Hospital in Angola. A mom of a kid who received several books while in Lutheran spear headed the mission and blew it out of the park and now they are also getting the Kart to add to St. Joe in Ft. Wayne later this month.
I am in constant amazement of the support we's really unbelievable, especially when you consider the economy and how so many charities are hurting. For us...we are blessed. I just went to Borders and picked up more boxes....hundreds and hundreds of books donated by strangers (and friends) from our community. I was doing a little shopping (okay, a lot) there because they had some adorable board books..and when you give away over 1000 books each month, it seems like I am always buying books. It takes a while to check out 150 books and as I stood there....over and over again I heard the cashiers telling every patron our story...about Kate...about the books...about giving them to hospitalized children. It really was surreal...but the entire time I just kept thinking of all the people who help us...the people who give their time...the volunteers who go weekly...the board members...our web designer who is constantly updating our website...people who hear about it and get their school to raise enough money to purchase 2 Karts and stock them with books. AMAZING! I truly am amazed at the support we have behind this.
It truly has been an incredible ride...I have done a lot of speaking engagements lately...mostly speaking to schools in correlation w/ their book drive or book fair. Several times I have spoken to entire schools...trying to tell the "WHOLE" story of Kate, her love of books, the response of the community and how far Kate's Kart has come in too short of time. in a school gym with a power point about Kate...who would have ever thought? Always...the kids are so interested...they listen...they laugh...some cry...but in the end I pray they are encouraged to give back in some way --I guess they must be since we get so many books! I always am amazed at how the elementary students just "connect" with Kate. They just seem to love her (who doesn't). If there is time for questions...I get questions like: what is Kate's favorite color, what is Kate's favorite food? It really is so sweet. And always, there is the kid who comes up to me afterwards and tells me they are going to bring in all their books from home. is our ministry. No...we can't always share our faith (but it is so awesome when it is a crowd I can share about our faith, our community of believers who supported (and still does) us.) Kate's very short life does have a purpose...we as her parents still have that purpose. Yeah...there are still many times of sadness...times when the memories overflow...but I do have that Kate is doing more than is even imaginable through a little pink sticker on the back of thousands and thousands of books.
You have to pinch me...pinch me when I see/hear/read about Kate's Kart places....really...that's my Kate...MY Kate...our Kate.


mina said...

Congrats! What a blessing! It is great to know that Kate lives on through all the joy you give by sharing books.