Wednesday, May 12, 2010

45 Weeks

Wednesday, May 12
45 Weeks

At 45 Weeks Grant:

--is into EVERYTHING...he loves anything that isn't a child appropriate toy. He loves opening drawers and cabinets and finding random things to crawl around the house with. He usually has something in his hands while he roams the house.

--THROWS FITS...puts his head down and CRIES when you take away an unappropriate find

--is SUPER ticklish

--does pats....when you pick him up..he pats you on your back (just like his big sister did!)

--is down to nursing just once a day before bed...makes mommy sad...a sign that he's growing up!

--was introduced to the whole church for Baby Day on Sunday

--ate some of his cousin's birthday cake...wasn't a fan

--is sleeping pretty well and consistently gets up around 7. Hardly ever wakes up from the night or from a nap happy...he wants OUT of that crib!

--celebrated his first Mother's Day...makes mommy so glad to be a mommy