Wednesday, May 19, 2010

46 weeks

Wednesday, May 19
46 Weeks
At 46 Weeks Grant...
--is getting into more and more things everyday! He definitely loves to explore and is constantly on the move! This week....he was thrilled to discover the dishwasher and the toilet paper roll.
--LOVES music...whenever music is played...he moves and grooves and kicks his little feet! SO CUTE!
--gabs and gabs and talks to any and everyone
--LOVES blueberries
--knows that if he bangs his sippy cup enough...the stopper will come out and then he can then spill milk EVERYWHERE!
--went to his brother's end of year program and field day
--is still loved on everywhere he goes
--rode on rides at Chuckie-E-Cheese...and LOVED it!
--is getting way to close to being a year old...7 weeks....YIKES!


Anonymous said...

You can't beat that smile! and in the second picture you can just tell that he figures he might be in trouble. What a cutie!

Linda Creek