Wednesday, May 26, 2010

47 Weeks

Wednesday, May 26
47 Weeks

At 47 weeks Grant:
--dances to music he hears...especially from toys
--went to Bounce Mania...crawled around on the moonwalk and went down some slides

--went to the Splash Park at the Y...loved playing in the water...not so much loved trying to crawl around on concrete...has really red little toes and tops of his feet --no camera :(
--continues to be a GREAT eater...will eat any and everything you put in front of him
--gulps ice cold ice water
--has really curly hair that really responds to humidity
--is a sweaty sleeper during these 80+ degree days
--is outgrowing size 3 diapers...when this supply is done, its time to move on to size 4
--is fascinated by drinking out of a regular cup...with no lid...usually makes quite the mess
--can maneuver the step out onto the porch..takes him a while, but can get down and up it
--longs to be outside...especially when his brother is outside...he just bangs on the window and SCREAMS
--is mommy's little love bug


The Portas said...

The photo of Grant looking through the window CRACKED ME UP!! Thanks for the laugh. hee hee..

Anonymous said...

I wanna be a "snuggle bunny" too!

Jennifer said...

Oh my! The door picture is too funny! What a great way to start off my morning! :)

The Saunders Family said...

wow, he is quickly approaching one year! It seems like ours flew by for Anna, you can probably relate.
Krista, you look great...way to move it!