Wednesday, May 5, 2010

44 Weeks

Wednesday, May 5
44 Weeks
At 44 weeks Grant:

--is all boy! He is on the move and can find every possible thing he shouldn't be in: toilets, trash, kitty food. He has eaten dirt...knocked over a plant twice (plant now moved) and given himself a couple knots on the forehead from the fireplace and other hard objects around the house
--claps his hands (yea for Grant)
--spent his first 2 nights away from mommy (and daddy). I went away with the girlfriends and he (& Seth) stayed at Grandma's for the weekend. I guess he did okay without hoo!
--has learned how to "yell" for things he wants...problem is...mommy doesn't always know what he wants
--can play ball...he will throw a ball back and forth with you