Saturday, May 8, 2010

Easter....just a little late

Thursday night...we were finally able to celebrate Easter with my side of the family. If you recall...everyone else skipped town for Easter. With sick kids, work schedules and life...last Thursday was the first time we could find that worked into everyone's schedule.

The big boys were super's always fun to hunt Easter Eggs. Nana & Oompa have a huge backyard full of landscaping...which makes the hunting a real challenge! The big boys all got ZuZu Pets and the babies got sand toys for our upcoming family beach trip. neice, Nia turned 1 on April we celebrated her birthday as well! It's hard to believe the babies are turning 1...Grant is less than 2 months away! YIKES!

It was a fun night with the family...making our own pizzas and celebrating.


Kathy said...

Looks like some HAPPY kiddos you had on your hands.
Happy Mother's Day Krista...
I hope the boys spoiled you rotten!