Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kate's Kart #12

Yesterday, we started Kart #12 at St. Joe Hospital here in Ft. Wayne. This hospital has the city's burn unit and we're excited about being able to encourage these kids...many who have a long and painful stay.

An elementary in Angola actually raised the money for the Kart...as well as enough books to stock it for the first time. It was neat to have some of the student council kids come up and see the kart in the hospital.

Seth is a real pro at stocking Karts now...I think he's been at almost all of the "first" runnings. He knows right where all the books go! He is so cute...and such a great helper! At just 5, I know he has a passion and love for Kate's Kart. I love it! Grant...he just goes along and gets all the attention!
It's always a great moment for our family...adding a new Kart...spreading Kate's joy with a few more people! We love you sweet girl!