Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Magic Tree the next level

So...the Magic Tree House Obsession continues...and it's gone to the next level...the internet.

We found the site the other has all kinds of activities to do concerning the books. It's quite fun. One of the activities is to print a passport book...and then you can print stamps for all the places you have been with Jack & Annie. In order to get each have to answer questions about the books. little brainiac could answer all the questions from all the books, even the ones we read weeks ago....answers to questions I didn't even remember! I guess he does pay attention!

So...our passport is now current and has all of the first 26 stamps and he's eagerly awaiting the opportunity to finish out the regular series (books 27 & 28) before getting into the Merlin Missions. There is also room for neighborhood activities (like going to bookstore, library) and for the research books. I'm sure we'll be doing those too before the summer is over.
It's a nightly ritual to line up all the remaining books (in order). We have all but the last one now from the library and he is hot to trot to get the last one! In fact, the Y had a book fair today, and he saw it and was bound and determined to spend his own money buying the book!
The problem with his nightly ritual includes one little 10 month old who is bound and determined to help! So...Seth has since discovered a way to build a blockade with the furniture to prevent one 10 month old from disturbing his Magic Tree House Shrine!'s time for Thanksgiving on Thursday...I'm off to read!


Kristen said...

the magic tree house books have become an obsession in our house recently too!