Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

The day started off great...Andy woke up early with Grant and before long Andy brought me breakfast in bed! Off to church...and it was even Baby we got to show off our little cutie-patootie!
The boys had all gone shopping yesterday while I went to a women's lunch with a friend. I had told Andy I wanted a "motherly" picture frame similar to the one I got Seth's first year...It has a picture of me & Seth when he was 1. I wanted one so that I could get me & Grant. Well...evidently, SEth would not allow a frame with only 1 opening. IT HAD TO HAVE 3...cause I have 3 kids! How totally sweet is that. Andy tried to tell him that we already had one with him & mommy and this was for Grant...but that wouldn't do! I just LOVE that kid...all 3 actually!

Grandma & Ted came for church and lunch...we dined on KFC @ home as to NOT deal with the crowds. The afternoon included running a few errands with Seth...a walk around the path @ the Y...dinner and then I had to spend some time at the storage unit as we are adding hospital #12 tomorrow! Just a little Mother's Day present from Kate! (more details & pics to follow)

The evening...nursing and rocking my littlest one to sleep while he held onto my finger...and reading Magic Tree House #8 to my oldest in bed while he snuggled on my shoulder! Being a mommy doesn't get much better than that!

I'm so thankful to all the mom's in my life. My own mom who has always been there for me and is a great rolemodel. My mother-in-law who has welcomed me with open arms into her family and treated me like a daughter. My mom friends who give me encouragement and advice and some fun times too! And the moms I grew up with...the heart moms I met on the internet...the moms in my MOPS group...To everyone I wish a very Happy Mother's Day!