Saturday, May 15, 2010

A new Obsession...a good one!

Well...we're into another obsession with Seth. I'm so proud of him...he is totally INTO the Magic Tree House book series (which I know is due to him constantly being surrounded by books with Kate's Kart). We started reading the 1st book before took a few nights. Now...he BEGS me to read all throughout the day and we usually finish a book in a single setting (it takes about 35 minutes...depending on if we are chasing Grant too!).

He is one of those "scary" know, the kind who can get up...walk around the room, pet kitty, watch garage salers...whatever distraction it may be...and comprehend. He knows exactly what is going on....stops me whenever he doesn't know the meaning of a word. If we have to stop in the middle of a chapter to get Grant away from some non-appropriate toy....Seth remembers exactly the last 3 words I say when I come back to try and find my place.
It's amazing to hear him say...many times..."mommy can you read to me now"? Well of course I have to drop whatever I think is more important and read to my kid. Wow...what a cool obsession.

We finished 2 today during the garage we are now ready for #16. I think there are like 40 of them. He is bound and determined to read them all. He has to have the next 10 or so ready to go. We have made several trips to the library this week...picking up the next few books from the hold section. Once we finish a couple books...we go online and reserve the next few. bed...we were talking about the books. He proceeds to to tell me the name of the first 22 books....IN ORDER! Wow...I tell you this kid has a memory like NO other kid I have known. As Andy says....Seth, use your power for good!'s my blog and I can brag about my kid. It's see him so interested...and the cool thing is that in each Magic Tree House book, Jack and Annie go on an adventure to some place in history. We've been to Ghost Towns, with Vikings in Ireland, in ancient Rome...we've run with the dinosaurs, boated on the Amazon and even escaped pirates! He's learning so much too!

I LOVE being a mommy...especially to this awesome little guy! What does our future hold with him?


Melissa said...

How fabulous that he has developed a love of reading so early! I know that Kate would be proud of her big brother. It will serve him well in school!

Anonymous said...

wow, Krista that is so aawesome that Seth loves books and likes to have you read to him.. he is one smart little guy... He is going to go somewhre when he grows up too... it is true that his little sister Kate would be so proud of him.. you are wonderful parents... love your blog.. look forward to reading it all the time... Judy Mundt

Tina:0) said...

My how big your boys are getting! It happens to quickly, don't ya think?!

How wonderful that he loves books! My girls have always loved to be read to & now Gabie is getting into reading herself!

Was thinking about you today (sorry I've been MIA... life has taken over;0) I was listening to WBCL & they were talking about Kate's Kart! Felt like I had a celebrity connection!