Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weekend with the girls!

Wow...what a weekend! I have these 4 friends...we've known each other for years...most of us elementary school...but our friendship was solidified in high school. Amazingly...those friendships have totally stood the test of time (and marriage and moving and families and jobs and...) We are all turning 40 this year and we were determined to celebrate together. Last weekend was THE WEEKEND!

Sharyn came from Cincinnati...and met Mel & me in the Fort. We drove to South Bend to pick up Gina. Then..the rest of the way to Holland Michigan to meet Karla who drove over from Brighton, MI. We were together! '

We checked into our tiny little condo (it was perfect...perfect for 5 friends just wanting to be together). Off to dinner at a restaurant on the lake (yummy whitefish) and a trip to Walgreens to buy sunglasses. I tell you..it doesn't take much for a bunch of moms to have a blast at Walgreens! Back to the condo to sit outside and just reminisce!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to walk/run a 5K! How cool...it was the first for most of us. It was fun...and then we climbed a few hundred steps to the top of a sanddune to see a great view of the town. After getting cleaned up we headed to the tulip farm...over a million tulips in full bloom. It was beautiful...completely awe-inspriing. We walked the aisles...gazing at all the varieties.

Then...lunch at Qdoba (YUM!) and then some shopping at an outlet mall---you know 5 women would find a time to shop. Then...we were off to walk down to the Lake Michigan shore...it was spitting rain...but still beautiful. A few stuck their toes in, drew their kids names in the sand and texted pics and then even searched for a lost cell phone in the sand!

Back to the condo to have a picnic by the lake and lots more talking!

Sunday morning we drove 30 minutes to the mega church, Marshill Bible Church to hear Rob Bell preach. It was awesome...amazing...huge...thought provoking. The church is in an old remodeled mall...it was a neat experience. Back to Holland...packed up and then headed back in town to spend a few hours browsing the craft/art fair. We topped the whole weekend off with some ice cream, of course!

It was perfect...a perfect weekend with some awesome friends. I will treasure the memories forever and hope we don't' have to wait until we turn 50 to do it again. We were blessed that our awesome husbands and grandparents watched our kids...allowing us a little chance to get away and just have some ole fashion girl time!


Anonymous said...

Glad you had such a great time. MOM