Friday, May 21, 2010

Last Week Wrap-Up

Wow..what a busy week for Seth...he definitely left preschool with a BANG!

Monday: Unbirthday Party

They got to celebrate all the kids who have summer birthdays...well, since this was a class of late birthdays...they celebrated 8 birthdays on Monday...which meant...8 treat bags!

Tuesday: Program

I can't believe the difference...3 years ago he wouldn't sing at did awesome! He sang...he did motions. I was one very proud momma! The kids all sing a few songs and then they get to walk across the stage and receive a gift. (I can never get a decent photo in their sanctuary)
Wednesday: Field Day

Both the morning and afternoon classes came together at a special time for a special day. They all had a hotdog picnic together and then spent a couple hours outside playing all kinds of fun field day type games...relays and races! At the end they all got ribbons and was a beautiful day to be outside!
Thursday: Picnic

This day was spent outside as well playing at the get 10 boys together and they are bound to have a great time. Again...another beautiful day to be outside!
Friday: Last Day

I think it was more bittersweet for mommy than for Seth. We started the day with doughnuts with the 2 boys I babysit. Luckily, daddy had a snow make-up day so he got to go with us and take the boys on their last day. When I picked them up...they were just wound up and ready to go...they were pretty excited to be done for the year.

We had a picnic at the Y and then went swimming for a couple hours with another classmate. It was a fun way to celebrate the last day of preschool. And the best part...being blessed to be a stay at home mom who could celebrate all these things right along with Seth!