Wednesday, June 9, 2010

49 Weeks

Wednesday, June 9
49 Weeks

At 49 Weeks, Grant:

--Is a WILDMAN! He is EVERYWHERE and he is FAST! He still has NO desire to play with any of his toys and wants everything to do with Seth's toys and random household things.
--celebrated his brother's 6th birthday

--got his 2nd haircut (in Nana's garage...thanks to Gayle)...much more than just the sides...trim around the top and he looks like a little boy
--is learning new ways to manipulate his tongue...which means lots more sounds
--continues to be a HUGE biter. I really think he is trying to show affection...but golly, he'll bite anything...your arm, your face..he'll even crawl up and bite Seth's leg
--participated in family movie night...complete with his own hull free popcorn

--loves to fact when you try to put him down, he'll lock his legs and try to stand. And whenever he is standing (which he needs somethign to hold on to) he has the biggest grin on his face
--longs to be just like Seth...and play with the big kid toys!