Wednesday, June 16, 2010

50 Weeks

Wednesday, June 17
50 Weeks
At 50 weeks Grant:
--has had a Crazy week--has learned lots of new tricks
--is still a total wildman
--still has no desire to play with his toys...finds baking rakes and napkins much more exciting--he must have played with the cooling rakes for 10 minutes
--learned to climb stairs...he is so proud of himself. He heads for them all the time...we have to block them with a gate. When the gate isn't up...he gets up about 3 steps and just grins!
--has learned about the outside door...and now does cry and throw a fit whenever anyone leaves (even if it is to just get something out of the garage) I think he knows a whole new world lies outside that door and he wants to go too! You often find him hanging out at doors...just waiting for it to open
--is consistently pulling up on EVERYTHING...he loves it...he pulls up whenever he can or on whatever he can. He is so cute...standing at the end of his crib (by the door)....well cute in the mornings, not so much when he won't go to bed at night
--climbs on EVERYTHING...if it isn't the stairs it's the fireplace...or a stool. He loves the fireplace mantel...he climbs up and then crawls back and forth on top of it (with me right there, of course)
--can stand unassisted if leaning up against something
--went to Buckner Park splash pad with friends...enjoyed a picnic lunch and...--proceeded to do a head dive out of his stroller...he somehow bent over far enough to snap the belt and fell head first onto the cement! Got his first major goose egg....didn't bother him more than 1 minute of crying!
--LOVES oreos...guess daddy let him eat 5 one night while I was away! Grant & Seth ate a whole sleeve!
--swam for the first time in a lake....Lake Gilead in Michigan at our friends the Findleys
--took his first boat was way past nap he conked out!
--has to be confined to the family room...if mommy or daddy want to get anything done besides chasing him around
--has such a great demeanor...whenever you take him or carry him away from something inappropriate...he never cries or throws a fit...he just babbles something... probably, "silly parents, they think moving me will stop me...I'll be back in that kitty food in no time at all!"
--consistently will give a kiss or wave bye bye on command
--love olives (as discovered from our greek pizza we had one night)
--has very little to do with nursing anymore...much prefers a sippy cup of milk before bed (makes mommy sad...very sad)
--is keeping his mommy and daddy very young!


Anonymous said...

No kisses and waves on command for Nana. The picture of him on the porch looks totally like Uncle Doug at about that age.