Wednesday, June 23, 2010

51 Weeks

Wednesday, June 23
51 Weeks

At 51 weeks Grant:
--is out of his seat in the bathtub...he constantly wants to stand up while in the tub, as the edge is the perfect height for him to get his balance! He loves his new found freedom in the tub!
--went to Indiana Beach
--played in the splash pad and went on the Lazy River
--rode on rides with his cousins...the boats, carousel, old-time cars, train
--slept in a cabin with mommy and daddy (brother was in the RV)
--is a super traveler
--celebrated his first Father's Day
--went to the Kate's Kart ice cream social...ate strawberry ice cream
--met Clifford and Ronald McDonald
--loves giving kisses and putting his cheek up to a cuddle bug!
--LOVES LOVES LOVES sunglasses or any type of glasses for that matter
--is now officially DONE with nursing (boo hoo!) Much prefers his cold sippy cups of milk
--is a happy little guy!


Anonymous said...

He is the most pleasant little one. Such a joy.