Wednesday, June 30, 2010

52 Weeks

Wednesday, June 30
52 Weeks
(the last Wednesday of the year...and wouldn't you know I forgot and didn't get a happy picture of him smiling...UGGHH!)

At 52 weeks Grant...
--is cruising everywhere. He'll crawl to get where he wants to go, and then immediately stands up wherever he is. He especially loves crusing around the coffee table
--can walk himself behind a push toy

--rode on his ride toy for the first time...loved it! can you tell he's making car noises?
--is starting to use things in an appropriate matter: puts phones to ear, points Wii remote at tv, scribbles with pens
--defintiely has words that sound like: momma and dada...but doesn't really consistenly use them. a babysitter said she heard "all done" and "milk".
--is attending his first VBS...hangign out in the nursery

--is always reaching for something...mostly things he shouldn't have--loves the computer or laptop...always wants to press the much help he is!
--gets really mad when you take it away--plays peek-a-boo...covers his eyes with his hands and uncovers them when you say peekabo
--loves loves his brother and wants to do what he's doing
--constantly has some sort of head wound, bruise, mark, scrap on his head...from trying to do too much...go somewhere he shouldn't or falling down. He definitely has an adventuresome, "I need to be in the middle of the action" spirit about himself
--can climb all the way UP the big blue slide on the swing so proud of himself once he gets up in to the playhouse

--loves crawling through tight places and under tables

--goes for the stairs any chance he can get...he is unstoppable when it comes to wanting to climb the stairs (unless the gate is up) He KNOWS when the gate isn't up
--will wake up a healthy, happy 1 year old! Praise God

note: this marks the end of my weekly posts for Grant...look for a monthly lots of other cute photos the rest of the month!


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