Thursday, June 24, 2010

Declaration...3rd annual Go Eat Ice Cream Day!

It's hard to believe...Saturday, June 26, will be Kate's 4th birthday! As you can see from this video...Kate loved ice cream...this video makes me smile! It was September of 07...she was in major congestive heart failure...but yet...she found joy in a few spoonfuls of ice cream!

We had a wonderful celebration at the Kate's Kart Ice Cream Social last weekend...but it just wouldn't be the same if we didn't officially (re)declare June 26, this Saturday, as the

3rd annual "GO EAT ICE CREAM DAY"

Plus... we want to give all you wonderful blog readers a chance to celebrate Kate. We've done it the past 2 years on Kate's birthday, and I can honestly say, getting the pictures from all of you, all over the country, eating ice cream, celebrating Kate's birthday with us, TOTALLY warmed my heart and helped us get through the day!

So...let's do it AGAIN! If you can...go out for ice cream...what a fun treat to get ice cream during the summer! If you can't...scoop some up at home! could even grab a popsicle since Kate loved those too!

But..most importantly, take a quick picture and send it via email to us ( and I will put together another totally cool slide show (click here to see last years) like the past 2 years. And...if Saturday won't work...grab some on Friday or Sunday...we don't care...just go eat some ice cream!!!


Kelly said...

That video made me smile!

I can't have dairy right now (nursing Addy), but I'm sure the rest of the family will LOVE a reason to have ice cream!

Precious Kate. =)

The Saunders Family said...

okay, if I HAVE to eat ice cream...:) I'll try to remember to get a picture!