Thursday, June 24, 2010

Indiana Beach

We had a great little 2 day trip to Indiana Beach. Seth actually left on Monday morning with my parents & and his cousins. Andy & I had some Kate's Kart stuff to do so we weren't able to come up until Tuesday. We got there around noon...ate lunch at Jellystone Campground and then we all headed to the water park!

Grant was lovin' the lazy river and the splash pad. Seth...has NO FEAR and was a wild man on all of the water slides. It wasn't busy at there was only a 2-3 person wait, which was awesome!

After a few hours...back to the campsite for grilled bbq chicken by Oompa. Back to Indiana Beach to ride some rides and then back to the campground with 4 very tired little boys! Andy & I were going to tent it on my parent's site..but with the possibility of storms AND some nice little air-conditioned cabins right across the road...we opted for a little cabin! I was nice.

Wednesday...we woke up to a hot skillet breakfast (again, thanks to Oompa) and then Andy & I took the boys swimming while Nana & Oompa packed up the camper. Then..back to Indiana Beach for more rides! I couldn't believe my little 6 year old rode the upside down roller coaster! I can't believe he's old enough...or brave enough! But he did was so neat to see him riding all the rides...several of which I could NOT handle anymore.

It was HOT...but fortunately, there was NO line for any of the could walk on all of them...which made the heat a little more bearable! always...was a rockstar! He just goes with the flow...munching on his goldfish crackers..waving at strangers and catching a few rides here and there.

It was a nice little getaway...a little teaser for our real vacation later this summer! Thanks to Nana & Oompa for taking Seth and letting us tag along as well!