Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our cup is overflowing

Guess what we woke up to this morning...another article in the morning paper! Wow...Kate's Kart is blessed!

They got a few wrong facts (like we were at St. V in Indy the first 15 days) and it's not quite 2000 a month (although, at the rate we're growing it won't be long) But most importantly, I want to give credit to the countless volunteers who make Kate's Kart happen...this is totally a community effort!

And yeah...about that all consuming. I was listening to WBCL on the way to the Y this morning...they were talking about collecting books today. A nurse from Lutheran NICU calls in and just raves about the program for 2-3 minutes...emphasizing the impact the books are making on hurting families in the hospital. What an encourager to hear from the nurses who see first hand the fruit of this ministry!

I am truly honored...and blessed...and humbled.