Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July Festivities

The festivities started on Saturday when we went to our association's annual bike parade. We decorated Seth's bike and the bike trailor. We met some friends and had a nice morning. At the end of the 5 block route...there is a moonwalk, rides in a hostage vehicle, firetruck and pizza!

Today...we all went to church in the morning...chilled in the afternoon and then headed to my parent's for a cookout for dinner. to Leo for the fireworks....lots of families from our church it was fun hanging out before the show.Grant hanging out with the ladies of the nurseryGrant getting a little too close with one particular lady...the children's pastor's daughter no less!
Seth and his sparkler
Seth and his buddy, Max

Seth was lovin them this year. Grant...well...he was fine at the beginning. But soon as the really big ones started...he just clung to me and wanted me to hold him really tight. He would bury his head in my shoulder...but then when another one went off, he would take a peek. It was like he really wanted to watch...but they were just a little too scary. Besides a 2 minutes rain shower which prompted everyone to get under their cooled off nice and was a enjoyable evenign int eh park...celebrating our nation's freedom.