Monday, July 12, 2010

Monkey Boy

So, in case you didn't know...Grant is a MOVER! He loves loves loves to climb. He will climb anything...his favorites: the stairs and the slide. It's funny...I seriously think he is way smart. We have one portable gate...most of the time it's at the bottom of the stairs. Every once in a while, we use it to "lock" him in the family room...if we want him to stay in one room.'s funny...he'll see that gate by the family room and make a BEE LINE for the's like he knows it's open territory and free game...and he is QUICK!

His other favorite...the slide on the swingset...he's been able to climb it for several weeks now...but tonight was the first time he did it on his feet. We asked the doc...he said it wasn't typical for 1 year olds to climb a 6 foot slide! Why do I have a feeling we are going to have our hands full with this one!

and in other news...he has his first consistent, meaningful word: uh-oh!


The Portas said...

We have such a cautious little boy that I can't imagine having an adventurous child. How much fun!! I'm glad Grant is enjoying the world. Just want you to know I am always keeping up on you guys. I don't always comment, but I'm here!