Thursday, July 1, 2010

So fun to be 1!

What a fun day...a fun day with a brand new 1 year old! It must be hard work to be one...cause the little guy slept till 9:45. After breakfast we made a quick trip to the dollar store before meeting the family for lunch! Grandma & Ted, Nana & Oompa, aunt Amy & cousins Lucas & Nia all met us for lunch at B. Antionios. (Due to VBS, we had to have it during the day...Uncle Doug was working and Elijah was at camp.) We had a yummy pizza lunch and then headed back to our house for cake & presents.

Grant fell asleep on the way back and WOULD NOT wake up! Usually, he wakes up when I get him out of his seat...not today...he was konked on my shoulder and then on andy's lap for a good 15-20 minutes...a final try with a diaper change woke the birthday boy

He opened his presents...with much help from Seth & Lucas. For not needing a thing...he made out pretty well: water table, bathing suits & swim top, bubble mower, pajamas, outfit, tennis shoes, sandals, 3 movies, play phone and a ball! He was lovin it...his favorite: sitting on top of the water table box...he thought that was pretty cool.

Then...time for cake! I made him a small cake and let him "have at it!" It took him a few minutes to get the idea...but it wasn't long before he was diving in! He had that cake one point, he could barely breathe it was so far up his nose. He LOVED it!

After a bath...some major clean-up...a little more playing with the grandparents...the little guy is ZONKED! I bet I'll have to wake him up for VBS! We love you little man! You're a mover and a climber...but you bring us so much joy! Can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays with you!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet One.
Nana & Oompa

mina said...

Happy Birthday, Grant!