Friday, July 16, 2010


Our day started bright and early thanks to our little alarm clock (aka...Grant). Grant is so funny...he just crawls all around the room....looking for anything to climb! He particularly loves the windows and wanted to constantly look out. At least he was "trapped' in one room!

We got ready and loaded up our stuff (those fancy smancy hotels don't offer free b-fast) and headed out of Baltimore. We had about a 2 hour drive into Delaware. Last time Andy and I made the drive (before kids)...we ran into terrible weekend traffic trying to get across the Chesapeake Bay this time we planned on getting across early on Friday. Seth loved the bridge...and kept asking when we would go on another bridge that big.

We arrived in Seaford, Delaware and tried checking into early and had NO LUCK! to a (terrible) lunch at Wendy's before deciding to drive to the beach. We picked Fenwick Island in Delaware and went to the state park

Our plan was to just walk along the beach...since we didn't have suits or towels. Well...that isn't a reality when you take a 6 year old to the beach for the first time! He was quickly in and enjoying every single aspect! He was jumping in the waves...falling in and out of the waves...smiling and beaming the entire time! I asked him if he wanted to go the beach for the next 8 days...he had the hugest smile ever!

Well, considering we weren't "prepared"...we didn't let Grant go loose. We let him dig his toes in the sand and he wanted to go! He is going to be a wildman on that beach...I can just feel it! And of course...a few waves caught us off guard and Grant got soaked too!

So...we went to the beach house and showered the boys the best we could and dried them off with Grant's blanket (all of our towels were in my parent's RV who were bringing them to the beach). It was well worth it to see Seth experience that..and have so much fun...especially after being in the car so long!

Back to Seaford to get checked in and then I took the boys swimming in the hotel pool. to dinner at a local joint! I tell you...that is the way to eat! Andy and I both had the best crabcakes EVER..and they were even 1/3 the price of the ones in Baltimore. Plus...the boys were a little better behaved. Also learned tonight that Grant loves Pickles...go figure!

Back to the hotel...Seth and I ready Junie B. Jones book...Grant crawled around the room...fascinated again with the phone and coffee pot! The boys were zonked early...I'm catching up on pics/blogging and Andy is enjoying cable tv!'s off the beach house...looking forward to being in one spot for a while...and hopefully getting into a routine! Really...I'm amazed at how well the boys have's been a lot of driving...Grant just gets antsy in the car...but otherwise...he's been great to travel with! As long as Seth has his movies and snacks...he's good to go too!


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