Saturday, July 24, 2010


Grant and I slept in a little this morning while Andy went running (isn't he so good!) Then...Andy and I got a special treat, as Nana & Oompa watched the boys and we got a breakfast date! We rode our bikes down to the local coffee shop...grabbed some coffee, chai and muffins and sat on bench and watched the ocean (and people!) It was a nice morning...brought back memories of what we used to do when we came to Cape May before kids.

Then...we hung out at the house for an hour or so...did some laundry...let Grant sleep ao little...packed some clothes (boo hoo) and then had some yummy philly steak sandwiches cooked by Oompa! We got all lathered up and headed down to the beach one last time. It was a gorgeous day again...but some jellyfish had come in on a recent current! I never really saw one...but it just made me nervous to go out and do some serious boogie boarding!

But...we had fun just hanging out on the beach The compound...2 houses...22 people...5 umbrellas...tons of fun and memories

We stayed late...till about 5:30 and then came home! The gumdrop tree bloomed again...this time in a rainbow of colors! It was so fun to see the boys so excited about the gumdrops!

One of my favorite things about the beach is the outdoor shower! It's just a fun/neat way to get cleaned up after the it saves tracking in a ton of sand into the house! Although it's one of my favs...Grant wasn't really a fan!
Since it was our last night...we got to order whatever we wanted and Oompa cooked it for us! My order: lobster tail, steamed shrimp and crab soup! Andy did the crablegs again! What a feast!
Then...the night he's been waiting for all week long! We finally got to cash in all our tickets we been earning all week at the arcade.

We played a few more games... and then the grand total: 4160 points! Wow! And with those points....we came home with: a small basketball, a soft ball for Grant, a ball popper and 11 new silly bands! I don't want to think about how much money was spent...but I know he had a great time! (Plus, I had a great time with my $40 worth of quarters I got from my 40th b-day from Art & Maureen).
And then...a final ice cream treat...and a walk home on a full moon night...listening to the ocean! I'm sad...wishing it could keep going...just a little longer...but reality hits and so after getting the kids in bed...more packing and loading!
It's been an incredible week!


Kristen said...

nice pictures, sounds like a great time! Both of your boys look so much like you but little Grant definitely looks like you! They're adorable!

The Portas said...

I am loving reading about your vacation and looking through the photos. Sooo fun for you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Missing You!