Monday, July 19, 2010


Another great day in good ole' Cape May! Our "alarm clock" actually let us sleep a little this morning (although Andy went running, I chose to sleep with grant). But's vacation and that's okay!

After breakfast we loaded up again and headed down to the beach. The waves were a little rougher today...but Seth was having a blast riding the boogie board! Grant...continued to crawl everywhere...and get really mad when the waves came in!

Back to the house for lunch...Grant & Andy took naps and Seth and I went back to the beach. It clouded over a little bit...too cool for me to go in the ocean...but I enjoyed an afternoon just watching my big boy have a BLAST!

Back to the house for showers...the gumdrop tree bloomed again and we made crab legs for dinner! YUM YUM! I tell you...the eatin' here is awesome! As you can guess...back to the boardwalk for arcade games (gotta get those tickets) and a treat.

As you can tell...we've gotten into a routine which is great. Grant has been napping well which puts him in a little better mood than he has been in the past few days. He just wants to go...go...go all the time and is starting to get SO frustrated at us when we take him away from his choice activity.

The weather has been awesome...HOT HOT HOT...but it's pleasant at the beach with the breeze. It makes afternoon bike rides a little sweaty...but no rain so far so we can't complain one bit!


Nikki said...

Love the pic in the hole- too cute!