Saturday, July 17, 2010


What a great day....woke up bright and early again...ate our free b-fast at the hotel and headed out as we had a ferry to catch. Before we left...Andy gave me my's this necklace

one of our Kate's Kart volunteers and board members is a very talented jewelry and bead maker...she made a necklace like this for our ice cream social as a door prize...I of course fell in love with Andy secretly talked with her and I got one! YEAH! I love it...a perfect reminder of my little girl...and the things she loved!

We had about a 45 minute drive to order to catch our ferry across the Delaware Bay. We met our good friends the Vollmers crossing too...they have rented the house next door and their family is coming for a week as well. The Vollmers have been friends for years...took care of Seth many times while we were with Kate and have a special place in our hearts! Seth was so excited to see them at the ferry terminal.

Grant just wants to go go go ALL THE TIME! The ferry ride over was was a beautiful sunny day. We got to see dolphins, jelly fish and horseshoe crabs.

We arrived in Cape May around 11:40...grabbed a quick lunch on the way to our house and then started unpacking!'s a lot of stuff we had in our van, car top carrier and in my parent's RV. We got Grant down for a nap and then Andy, Seth and I headed across the block to the beach!'s so easy to walk to!
The Cape May beaches are beautiful...the weather was absolutely GORGEOUS! You couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day on the beach. Andy and I had some alone time with Seth (since grant was napping at the house and Nana was with him) We were able to go out into the water with him...he was loving jumping in the waves.
An hour or so later...Nana & Grant came down! He was all over that beach...throwing rocks and sand...eating sand...crawling everywhere. He wasn't so sure about the water when you set him along the water line...but it was obvious he loved it.
Back to the house to get cleaned up and unpack our clothes. Oompa had gone to the fresh fish market and we had a yummy yummy birthday supper! It doesn't get any better than this!
Plus..crab soup and fresh crabcakes...and Jersey corn on the cob! We just finished dinner when Doug, Amy, Elijah, Lucas and Nia showed up! Seth had been waiting ALL DAY for his cousins to arrive. After another impromptu swim in the ocean with the cousins...we headed down to the boardwalk.
We ate ice cream...walked all along the beach and of course hit the arcade! I have such vivid memories from when I was a kid of going to the boardwalk...playing games...saving my tickets all week and getting a prize on the last day! When I was 5 & 10 cents a it's 50c for Skeeball! Yikes...time to ration the funds for a week of arcade playing.
It was a late night...getting situated with the 3 older boys all in one room...but everyone is asleep now and getting lots of sleep for our first full day at the beach!


The Saunders Family said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. We loved our time out there 2 years ago. Enjoy some good seafood and family time!