Sunday, July 18, 2010


Our "alarm clock" went off bright and early Andy got up and went running along the boardwalk! I loaded up Grant and the two of us went for a walk/run. I THINK I could possibly maybe enjoy running if it was always along the beach. Then...breakfast, a nap for Grant (and Andy)and a bike ride on the boardwalk with Seth and the nephews.

Then...we loaded up and all headed to the beach. Seth was right out there in the water...riding the boogie board and playing in the waves...he was out in the water for over an hour straight. Grant...of course...ate a little knocked down in the water...ate a little more sand...and crawled around.

Back to the house for some yummy hoagies for lunch...then Grant (and Andy) went down for their 2nd nap of the day while Seth and I headed back to the beach. I went out and did some body surfing...that certainly made me feel 40 today! Home for showers and then a visit from my cousin from California. He was here in Cape May visiting his mom (my dad's sister). I haven't seen him in was a nice little catch-up.

Then...we all rode down to the fish's about a 2 mile bike ride down to where the boats come in from a day of fishing...there is lots of fresh fish just brought in fresh from the ocean. It's always neat to go and pick out your dinner (especially when Oompa fixes it!)

Tonight...we dined on grilled flounder and salmon and had clam chowder. Grant has been SCREAMING his head off lately...not sure what it is about...we think he is teething...could be a schedule change...could be he's tired...could be he can't always just crawl and be where he wants to be...and tonight at dinner was one of those times he just screamed...which then Nia thought would be funny to copy! Ahh the joys of 1 year olds who can't communicate!
And...the gumdrop tree bloomed. When I came to visit my grandma and grandpa as a child...they had an old rosebush and every day when we were at the would bloom gumdrops. SO FUN!, Nana and Oompa are carrying on the tradition...and today the bush in the backyard bloomed! The boys weren't quite sure what to will be fun to see if it blooms the rest of the week and how the boys react.
See the white gumdrop!
Then...of course...we headed back to the boardwalk for some arcade games and ice cream. Seth is so excited to see his accumulation of tickets grow. Grant...was POOPED and slept in his stroller most of the night. One thing for sure is easy to get them in bed after fun days at the beach, riding bikes and just playing with the cousins!

(I forgot my memory card for the camera today at the beach...lots more fun pics tomorrow)