Thursday, July 22, 2010


We actually slept in a little this morning...felt very nice. My Aunt Susie (my dad's sister) came by and we all visited on the porch for over an hour. She lives here in Cape May..and is an absolute riot!

We then loaded up and headed to the fisherman's wharf for lunch. There is an area out on the deck where you can eat...and if you are there at the right the fishing boats luck with that...but we did see a few nice little personal yachts come into the docks.
I had stuffed shrimp...Andy had a crabcake sandwich and Oompa was in heaven with his crabs! The boys walked around...seeing the sights and this HUGE fish that was caught off the Jersey shore

Then...lathered on the sunscreen and headed down to the beach! The waves had drastically calmed down...but it was still a glorious and fun day on the beach.
Grant did a little boogie boarding

My handsome boys on the beach

All five: Grant, Seth, Lucas, Elijah & Nia

Grant learned to do the army crawl...guess those shells started hurting! Cousin Lucas played with his little cousin, Grant
Grant took her afternoon nap on the beach!

We chilled...with 2 very tired little boys!

Daddy and Seth did some body surfing!

We came home to see that the gumdrop tree had bloomed...yet again! After showers...we were on our own for dinner...we headed down to the boardwalk and had some NY style pizza! It was very very good...both boys did great!

Then...time for a little walk along the beach while the sun was beginning to set...absolutely beautiful

While walking...we discovered the city was showing a movie on the beach. So...Andy hoofed it back to the house and grabbed our beach chairs. We watched about 1/2 of Robin Hood on the beach. It was a beautiful had actually cooled down...Grant fell asleep in my toes were in the sand...listening to the waves! SO VERY COOL

Taking some photos while daddy was getting the chairs
It was another fabulous day...I'm starting to get sad...not at all ready to pack up and come home!